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Sample Answers to Tough Questions

Why do librarians allow kids to have access to pornography?

My neighbor told me she saw a group of teenage boys looking at nude pictures, and she had to walk by them with her four-year-old. Why would my library allow this?

What can parents do to help protect their children?

What affect does the Internet have on children's privacy?

How do I know my child is safe at the library?

My library uses privacy screens on its Internet terminals. Why has my library provided what amounts to private "peep show booths" for viewing Internet pornography?

What's wrong with filters anyway?

Don't some libraries already use filters?

Isn't some protection better than none?

If a perfect filter was created, would libraries object to using it?

Won't computers and the Internet put libraries out of business?

Why is the ALA forcing its policies on local libraries?

Why should my tax dollars go to fund peep shows in the library?

Libraries don't carry Hustler, why do they allow Internet porn?

Kids can't rent R-rated movies at the video store, or buy Playboy at the newsstand. Why won't you use the same common sense restrictions at my public library?

What are some examples of Web sites that have been filtered?

What's wrong with having filters if all someone has to do is ask a librarian to "unblock" a site?

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